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The IN SITU project consortium comprises 13 Full Partners from 12 countries, consisting of 11 research institutions, a European-wide CCI network, and a national cultural foundation.

University of the Azores (UAc), Portugal


Since its foundation in 1976, the University of the Azores has played a fundamental role in education and research, thus contributing to professional qualification, economic growth, social improvement, and intercultural awareness. The University of the Azores (UAc) participates in IN SITU through its Faculty of Social and Human Sciences. Situated in an urban-rural territory, the team from the Azores will focus on the challenges cultural and creative industries experience while living and working in an ultraperipheral European region. Along with the project, the team intends to support and promote greater dialogue between creative production, cultural heritage, and sustainability in and out of the Azores. The IN SITU UAc team brings the following areas of expertise: sociology of culture, critical sociology, social activism, cultural studies, creative and cultural tourism, history of architecture, and gender studies.

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