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We are pleased to share with you the IN SITU survey that will be fundamental in generating impact in the Creative and Cultural Industries (CCIs) in non-urban areas in Europe for a more sustainable and inclusive future.
In this edition, we outline the ‘Work in Progress’, tell you about the 6 IN SITU Labs – including our first Lab focus on the Azores IN SITU Lab, discussing how the Azores team of researchers plans to contribute to the sustainable development of the Creative and Cultural Industries in their region of Europe – and introduce you to our Outreach Partners and the members of the International Advisory Board.
With the objective of hosting the future European Capital of Culture at the first world’s certified Archipelago, the Azores islands have a strong focus on sustainable development, conservation of nature and biodiversity protection energy production and management, and a strong awareness to waste, water, quality of air and noise management.
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