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The University of Galway’s UrbanLab is inviting artists, creative people and anyone interested to join a series of free workshops hosted in partnership with the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts from Sofia, Bulgaria. The workshops are taking place on 22-23 February 2024 as part of the Horizon Europe IN SITU project that supports the work of the creative and cultural industries in non-urban areas of Europe.
The investigations carried out in the latest reports from the University of Utrecht within their work for the IN SITU project underscore the importance of identifying and supporting occupations and trademarks related to cultural and creative activities, encouraging local policy interventions to foster growth and innovation, especially in non-urban regions. The insights derived can inform policymakers and inspire further research, providing a valuable evolutionary perspective on navigating challenges in the creative and cultural sector.
The Western coastal periphery of Ireland is a region that includes Galway County and City, Roscommon County and Mayo County and has a vibrant cultural and creative industries sector, particularly around traditional and contemporary music, theatre and performance as well as a significant cluster of film and television production companies.
With the report "Gender dimension of CCIs in non-urban areas“, IN SITU publishes an important view on inequalities and discrimination based on gender in the cultural and creative sector that attempts to move away from a urban-centric perspective in order to focus on rural areas. The report was developed by the IN SITU research team of the University of Hildesheim with the support of the Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra and of the IN SITU Lab partners, whose networks made it possible to conduct qualitative interviews.
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