/ Case-study projects

In each IN SITU Lab location, local CCI agents and organizations will propose ideas on how local CCIs can creatively address the local issues. Informed by these ideas and IN SITU research findings, a participatory workshop involving a selected number of CCIs from the locale will be held to discuss these ideas and proposals in more depth and assess the most valuable inputs and actors to address the needs of the community.

Resulting from these local discussions, discussions among IN SITU researchers, and advice from members of the IN SITU International Advisory Board, 12 case studies will be set-up to be studied within IN SITU (2 projects in each Lab locale), beginning in Spring 2023.

To ensure both academic and CCI perspectives are brought to bear in the analysis of the case studies as they develop and evolve, the evolution and development of each case study will be closely monitored and documented by both the local IN SITU Partner and a CCI practitioner or organization in close collaboration. Local CCIs will be contracted in each Lab location (1/project) to contribute to the overall analysis of the evolution of the case studies.

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