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The Icelandic Santas come from the Valleys (íslensku jólasveinarnir koma úr Dölunum), in West region, Iceland

The Icelandic Santas come from the Valleys project is developed by Kruss ehf – cultural and creative organisation and addresses the place-based issue of image building for Vesturland by attracting selected groups of tourists through the management of tourist flow. The project covers the thematic strands of cross-sectoral collaboration, activates community, intra-sectoral collaboration, and sustainability.

The project is going to connect Jóhannes úr Kátlar’s verses about Santa Claus, with business life in the Valleys, food production, tourism, handicrafts and the history of the Valleys. The Santa Clauses will be handed out around the district and in every place with information about them. There will also be information about local characteristics in each place, information about place names in the vicinity and history, and in addition there will be QR codes on the sign that point to further information, etc.

The potential transformative effect of this project lies in increasing tourism flow and income generation, cooperation of parties within all the districts in Däly and social thinking through mobilisation of local inhabitants.

As regards the project’s innovation potential, the project introduces the characters of local legends and connects them to modern food production, local economy, tourism and family fun. It brings together several local actors such as food producers, artists, tourism operators, artisans, residents and benefactors who will work together to strengthen the economy in the Valleys.


Þorgrímur Einar Guðbjartsson

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