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Mapsion International Projection Mapping Festival, in Rauma and Eurajoki municipalities, Finland

The Mapsion International Projection Mapping Festival project is developed by Niko Tiainen and covers the placed based issues of unmaintained and undeveloped historic routes, and the lack of recognition of local place meanings. The project covers the thematic strands of cross-sectoral collaboration, activating communities and intra-sectoral collaboration.

The purpose of the project is to promote autumn tourism and the recognition of local tourist destinations in the Eurajoki area, to bring new international innovative know-how and the public
to the area, to create a new kind of future continuum for the use environment and presentation
of old architecture, to connect and bring to the fore local entrepreneurs and operators, and to build the sense of community and visibility of local children and young people.

As for its potential transformative effect, the purpose of the project is to create a new kind of cultural tourism in the area and make it a permanent art event. The project is also intended to create new content for the local cultural path, develop regional art education, develop local sense of community, bring out the expertise of local operators, create continuity for the historical tourist destination and create new traditions in the area.

The project is innovative in its field as it is the first international video mapping event organised in Finland, and it has been selected as part of several national and international art networks. Mapsion International Projection Mapping Festival increases tourism in the quieter autumn season (mapped through ad-hoc indicators) and brings experience and know-how to organising other similar events. The project also aims to combine the cooperation of different sectors (the project has brought together local municipal services, companies, third sector operators and children’s and youth culture).


Niko Tiainen

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