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Repertoar, in Šibenik-Knin County, Croatia

Repertoar is developed by the cultural and creative organisation Koletiv 4B and addresses place-based issues such as the impact of touristic development, communication and exchange between coastal and continental parts of the region, interdisciplinary and/or intersectoral cooperation and environmental threats and sustainable development. The project covers the thematic strands of cross-sectoral collaboration, activating communities, intra-sectoral collaboration and sustainability.

The project is intended for the community, event organisers, artists and tourists. The goals of the project are to: 1. Establish cooperation and communication between stakeholders in culture 2. create and update a database of resources (portal) of the cultural offer of Šibenik 3. establish channels of information and promotion of cultural events to audiences. The external part of the portal is intended for the domestic audience and tourists for searching and information. The background part is intended for the stakeholders of the cultural offer to create a resource base, information, mutual communication and coordination. In order to achieve regular communication and involvement of stakeholders and the audience, during the project, their needs will be examined and comprehensive and inclusive content of the portal will be designed. This includes a series of activities and workshops for the creation of strategic documents in the development phase of the project, as well as regular meetings, events and joint promotional campaigns after the platform is established.

As for its potential transformative effect, the project can mobilise and bring together the dispersed and unbalanced offer of cultural and artistic programs in the community by creating a simple and accessible place for online collaboration that develops the potential for better production and presentation of cultural and artistic programs in the local community. Also, the project reduces the risk of a lack of visibility of contents that are not in larger urban areas, which can mobilise audiences and create more uniform visibility and attendance of cultural and artistic programs outside the urban centres of the county. A more uniform schedule, greater availability of information about locations, organisers and programs in the community can encourage event organisers to develop new programs according to the needs of the community. By providing a free database in one place, with the possibility of direct communication and cooperation, a community is created whose synergistic effect could transform and raise the quality of the county’s cultural and artistic offer.

The innovativeness of the project is reflected in its process and output (community workshops and online platform) which facilitates and enables cooperation and networking beyond the usual face-to-face contacts, thus responding to issues such as uneven dispersion of events, hyperproduction, invisibility of the cultural offer in a congested atmosphere, events aimed exclusively at tourists that encourage the production of an ‘ornamentalist’ local experience. The project acknowledges that the audience is an important stakeholder in the cultural offer of the region. What distinguishes Repertoar is the provision of a tool and database available to all as a necessary prerequisite for effective cooperation and the gathering of the audience and stakeholders in one place, which transfers the entire cultural and social community into an organised, transparent and visible online space with the possibility of direct mutual contact. This also enables the participation of those stakeholders outside the urban centres of the county, which in this way are brought to a more equal position and create opportunities to promote cultural and artistic activities in non-urban areas, which contributes to the development of the entire regional community.


Hrvoje Jelković

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