/ Research Teams

The IN SITU project consortium comprises 13 Full Partners from 12 countries, consisting of 11 research institutions, a European-wide CCI network, and a national cultural foundation.

Bifröst University (BIFROST), Iceland


Bifröst University (BIFROST) is an active member of the Icelandic and European research communities and prides itself for recruiting faculty with broad research profiles in the social sciences. The Cultural Management Department is a part of the Faculty of Social Science and has offered courses in cultural management since 2004 based on theoretical and practical approaches. Bifröst University hosts an independent research centre, the Research Centre of Cultural Management, dedicated to research on the effects and conditions of cultural activities from the perspectives of cultural management, cultural economics, and cultural policy. The IN SITU BIFROST team brings the following areas of expertise: cultural policy, building and policy development in rural areas, qualitative-mixed approach, empirical approach, quantitative data collection and analysis, and mapping of creative industries.

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