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The IN SITU project consortium comprises 13 Full Partners from 12 countries, consisting of 11 research institutions, a European-wide CCI network, and a national cultural foundation.

National Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment (INRAE), France


INRAE (National Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment), the second largest research institute in this field in Europe, is hosted at AgroParistech and in the University Paris-Saclay. INRAE/UMR SAD-APT is a multidisciplinary lab integrated at LABEX BASC (Biodiversity, Agroecosystems, Society, Climate) with a team of over 100 persons devoted to the study of sustainable and territorial development of rural and peri-urban areas. Over the last 10 years, the INRAE/UMR SAD-APT team has developed specific skills in three main topic areas related to the analysis of development processes and business local development in rural and peri-urban areas: 1) land use management, occupation, competition, and land use conflicts analysis; 2) short supply chains and the development of agriculture and food under urban sprawl pressure; and 3) territorial and multi-level governance as well as territorial development of rural areas submitted to the influence of urban populations’ decisions. The IN SITU INRAE team brings the following areas of expertise: territorial development, spatial economics, proximity, smart development, rural areas, conflict and negotiation, industrial economics, cooperation and cooperatives, local organization, local partnership, social innovation, agroecology, digital transformation, rural areas, and peri-urban and urban agriculture.

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