IN SITU Webinar series – FOCUS ON: Webinar #1

Over the next four months, the IN SITU project will present three webinars to address key themes that support the work of cultural and creative ecosystems in European non-urban areas. Together with cultural and creative organisations and initiatives, EU research projects, as well as IN SITU partners and advisors to learn from their insight and experiences, to discuss common challenges.

The IN SITU journey has begun – Explore our Newsletter #2!

IN SITU Newsletter #2 is out!
In this edition, you’ll discover IN SITU’s 12 case studies in the six IN SITU Lab regions in Portugal (Azores), Ireland, Iceland, Finland, Latvia and Croatia. We also outline the mutli-stage participatory process that led to their identification, and let you know about the project’s cultural mapping activities, the three public research reports presented to the European Commission, recent events and upcoming plans. Enjoy!

IN SITU ‘Case studies’ report submitted to European Commission

IN SITU has delivered its latest research, a report presenting 12 creative, place-responsive case studies that become part of the IN SITU project. Identified by the IN SITU Labs through a multi-stage participatory process, the case studies are located in six non-urban regions in Azores (Portugal), Ireland, Iceland, Finland, Latvia, and Croatia – two case studies in each IN SITU Lab location.

Twelve projects identified as IN SITU case studies

A total of twelve case studies will be involved in a participatory monitoring process, as well as training and mentoring programme, with the objective of studying creative responses to key local issues and the generated transformative effects at local level, as well as strengthening internal capacity.

IN SITU survey out now!

We are pleased to share with you the IN SITU survey that will be fundamental in generating impact in the Creative and Cultural Industries (CCIs) in non-urban areas in Europe for a more sustainable and inclusive future.

The N#1 Edition of our IN SITU Newsletter is out!

In this edition, we outline the ‘Work in Progress’, tell you about the 6 IN SITU Labs – including our first Lab focus on the Azores IN SITU Lab, discussing how the Azores team of researchers plans to contribute to the sustainable development of the Creative and Cultural Industries in their region of Europe – and introduce you to our Outreach Partners and the members of the International Advisory Board.

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