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Gender of Cultural and Creative Occupations in IN SITU Lab Areas – Supplemental Analysis

With the aim of contributing to elucidate the profile of the IN SITU Lab regions (Rauma and Eurajoki municipalities, Finland; Šibenik-Knin County, Croatia; Western coastal periphery, Ireland; West region, Iceland; Valmiera County, Latvia; and Azores archipelago, Portugal), the IN SITU research team from Utrecht University designed and conducted additional analysis based on labour market information of the regions hosting the IN SITU Labs. This effort relies on formal employment data made available by the Labour Force Survey (LFS) and consolidated in the scope of IN SITU Work Package 1 – Mapping the socioeconomic contributions and resilience of CCIs, which aimed to assess opportunities and contributions of Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) in non-urban regions across the European Union (see Deliverable 1.1 – Socioeconomic contributions and spillovers of CCIs in non-urban regions, Deliverable 1.2 – New domains in CCIs in non-urban regions and Deliverable 1.3 – Socioeconomic resilience and pathways for growth).

With this collection and analysis of information specific to the IN SITU Lab regions, the research team hopes to provide a more detailed overview of cultural and creative employment with an emphasis on women’s participation.

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