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IN SITU Webinar Series #2 – Recording & Synthesis of Key Points

IN SITU Webinar series will address numerous themes that support the work of cultural and creative ecosystems in non-urban Europe, by bringing together the knowledge of EU research projects and CCIs – Cultural and Creative Industries with years experience, in non-urban areas.

Webinar N#2 How can CCI innovation ecosystems be fostered in non-urban areas? (October 30th, 2023)

Recording also available on IN SITU YouTube channel at:


Synthesis of key points:


Host: Carolina Castaldi, Utrecht University – SUBSTITUTED BY Nancy Duxbury, Centre for Social Studies & IN SITU Coordinator

1. Claudia De Luca, University of Bologna – RURITAGE: Heritage for Rural Regeneration

2. Louise Weir, University of Galway – FLIARA: Female-Led Innovation in Agriculture and Rural Areas

3. Milene Tessarin, Utrecht University – IN SITU: Place-based Innovation of Cultural and Creative Industries in Non-urban Areas

4. Tim Wojan, National Science Foundation, USA

5. Rocío Nogales, EMES Network on Social Innovation and Social Enterprise


Webinar N#3 | How does cultural and creative work contribute to place-based sustainability and resiliency? (December 5th, 2023)

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