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IN SITU Webinar Series #1 – Recording & Synthesis of Key Points

Over the next four months, IN SITU Webinar series will address numerous themes that support the work of cultural and creative ecosystems in non-urban Europe, by bringing together the knowledge of EU research projects and CCIs – Cultural and Creative Industries with years experience, in non-urban areas.

Webinar N#1 | What contributes to the viability of creative small-scale enterprises (CCIs) in non-urban areas? (September 28th, 2023)

Recording also available on IN SITU YouTube channel at:


Synthesis of key points:


1. Introduction | Nancy Duxbury (Principal Researcher of IN SITU, CES-Center for Social Studies/University of Coimbra, Portugal) IN SITU project presentation and the Webinar series

2. Presentation of Webinar #1 | Hosted by Erna Kaaber, IN SITU Lab partner, Bifrost University Poll: What are the most pressing issues for you?

3. Introductions of the Speakers

Ralph Lister, Take Art (UK) (https://takeart.org ) – SPARSE Plus – a Creative Europe project on Supporting and Promoting Arts in Rural Settlements of Europe – https://www.sparse.eu/

Musa Htlatshwejo, Artistic Director. Mhayise Productions – Sustaining Theatre and Dance Foundation – STAND (South Africa) – https://www.standfoundation.org.za/ (IN SITU Outreach Partner)

Martha Michailidou, Panteion University, Greece – CORAL-ITN – a Marie Sklodowska Curie Innovative Training Network on collaborative workspaces in rural and peripheral areas in the EU – https://coral-itn.eu

Ella Björn, Lapland University, Finland – SmartCulTour (Smart Cultural Tourism as a Driver of Sustainable Development of European Regions) – H2020 research project – http://www.smartcultour.eu/

Martin Gomez-Ullate, Universidad de Extremadura-Instituto Politécnico de Castelo Branco – Projects Erasmus+ Cultrural+, Learnvil (https://learnville.eu/) and CERV-Network of Towns – LVIN (https://learningvillages.eu/)

Lidia Varbanova, National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts “Kr. Sarafov” (NATFIZ), Bulgaria (IN SITU Partner) – https://natfiz.bg/en/

4. General discussion

5. Poll results: Erna Kaaber

6. International reflections with IN SITU International Advisor: Susan Luckman (Professor of Culture and Creative Industries & Director of the Creative People, Products and Places Research Centre (CP3) – UniSA Creative, University of South Australia)

7. Final comments/responses from the presenters and/or participants

8. Conclusions and next webinar(s) | Nancy Duxbury (Principal Researcher of IN SITU, CES-Center for Social Studies/University of Coimbra, Portugal)


Webinar N#2 | How can CCI innovation ecosystems be fostered in non-urban areas? (October 30th, 2023)

Webinar N#3 | How does cultural and creative work contribute to place-based sustainability and resiliency? (December 5th, 2023)

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